How To Use Dog Obedience Collars


A dog obedience collar is something that a lot of dog owners like to place on their dogs to keep them under control. I understand that you want to control them and make sure they behave, but you have to be careful when you place these collars around your dog that you don’t hurt them. Continue reading and find out the 7 types of collars there are available to you today.

 Obedience Half-Check Dog CollarThe flat collar is used in clicker training. This is a type of dog obedience collar that is good for small dogs, but they lift the dog in the air so when you are trying to get them to listen to you they won’t because they are distracted. Wouldn’t you be distracted if you all of a sudden was lifted in the air?

The slip collar has another name, which is called the choke chain. My god, this one is so dangerous! It is actually made of metal links and nylon. There is a metal ring at the end of it. This particular dog obedience collar is not in use as much, because of how dangerous it is. When you pull it the collar makes a fast clicking noise to get the dog’s attention. You have to be so careful with this one though because you can choke the dog.

The martingale dog obedience collar is made of nylon that when you pull the leash it tightens around the dog’s neck. Another one that is dangerous! When you place this collar around the dog’s neck it will fit loose, but when you pull it that is when it tightens so be very careful with this one.

Prong collars look just like the martingale collar, but it is made of metal links. Inside this dog obedience collar, there are prongs that will stop the dog from moving forward, and causes the dog to experience temporary pain. Again, you have to be careful with prong collars, because when you pull it your dog will be going through discomfort.

Dog Shock CollarShock collars also have another name, which is the e-collar. It receives a signal from a device that the dog owner operates. Then, an electrical shock goes from the collar to the dog. What is dangerous about this one is, the owner can change the different amount of high-level shocks he can send to the collar. He can increase it to such a high level and hurt the dog. There are a lot of places where this collar is banned for the reasons mentioned above.

The leash is a dog obedience collar that connects from the handler to the dog. This one is made of nylon, metal or even leather. Usually, it is 6 feet in length, but you can get it shorter or longer if you want. This one is used if you are trying to get a dog to listen to you if you are calling them from far away.

Head halters are very similar to what is used on a horse. It looks like a muzzle and it stops the dog from pulling on its leash, but when you pull it the dog’s neck can get injured. There have been reports that this dog obedience collar causes a lot of harm to the dog.

A dob obedience collar is something that you might think it is necessary in order to get your dog to behave, but please be very careful with these collars that you don’t injure your dog. I am sure you love your dog with all your heart, soul and mind so be gentle when you are using this with your doggie.

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