Dog obedience training

This is a problem that is usually started by the owner, who thinks it is so cute to teach the cute little puppy how to jump on the couch, not even thinking of the day when that cute little puppy becomes a 70 pound dog!

At that point, since he has been biddable that it is alright to jump up, it is really difficult to teach him not to. I can’t tell you how many times I have been dressed to go somewhere and stopped at a friends house only to sit in a chair covered with dog hair. This is where dog obedience training comes in.

Bad situation of company coming over and the dog won’t get off the couch so they can sit down without a battle. Even small dogs can be a problem when they claim a particular piece of furniture as their own, ever try to remove a Chihuahua from a chair that he thinks is his? It can be a very frightening experience! This is a true sign that dog care has not been taken.

My Labrador retriever knew she wasn’t supposed to be on the couch, and would wait until I was away from home or in bed at night, talk about sneaky! I prefer to use what I call the rattle to train dogs to stay off the furniture, a rattle is simply a can with 15 or 20 pennies in it, tape the top and it is a great noise maker. This works great in your dog training plight!

Dogs don’t like to be startled, and the clatter works perfectly. If you are symbiotic enough to have a dog that jumps up on the furniture in front of you, use the rattle and a firm no, use the no sometimes with the rattle and sometimes without it.

Dog Training can be tricky!
If your dog waits until you aren’t around, just put a couple of them along the rattles at heel of the furniture, when they jump up they knock off the rattle and it startles them. As with any dog training, patience is one of the keys, it takes time, but is well worth the striving. You must always act like a professional dog trainer – even though you’re not!

I have always believed, and still do today, that it is never necessary to physically hurt your dog, as a root of fact, it is against the law to do so! I used to believe that it was alright to smack a dog on the behind with a loosely rolled newspaper, ( it really does make more noise than it hurts them ) until I did it one day and came home the next day to a shredded newspaper.

It is amazing how far a dog can spread one newspaper in a day! To dogs, they live in a world of giants, and the only way to make estimation contact is to jump up, this is not desirable with any dog and can be down right dangerous with a large dog. You should never underestimate how crucial dog obedience is. I have heard many nightmare stories of dogs that jump on people, from the pregnant woman who was knocked down by a Rottweiler to the little girl who was knocked down by a Labrador.

These dogs should have been dog training early on not to jump on people, and were not, at this point it becomes the fault of the owner, not the dog. If you enjoy having your dog greet you in this way, you can teach him later to jump when commanded too, but for now, he must be taught that all jumping is forbidden.

Put 20 pennies into an empty can and tape the top shut, this can be used in several types of dog obedience training situations. The key to training your dog is to surprise him, using the rattle along with a firm no, will usually redirect his attention to something else, the noise of the can. As you can see, you don’t need to be the dog whisperer to know how to train a dog.

Keep one at each door of the house and as he gets ready to bounce, this is front-page, rap the can and tell him no in a firm voice. Using the rattle with no one time and the no alone sometimes will eventually teach your dog to respond to the no rather than the rattle and the no.

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