Best Service Dog Breeds

Dogs help people in very different ways, some escort owners on the hunt, others are companions, and few breeds are serving in the police, rescue services, etc.  Naturally, certain requirements are imposed on the service breeds, they conduct complex training and not every dog can be successfully trained. When you think about best service dog breeds, a few ones likely come to mind, like German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers. These dogs service excellent, but there are other breeds that have a lot to offer as well.

German Shepherd

This breed heads the service lists – for a long time the dogs are at the peak of popularity, they are smart and easy to train. When such a pet appears in the house, he quickly becomes a member of the family, who only, unfortunately, does not know how to talk.

german shepherd service dogOnce a shepherd dog, the German shepherd has acquired such qualities as endurance, high efficiency, the ability to make independent decisions. And the selective breeding has improved the service qualities, making them almost ideal.

In the police, German Shepherd is especially appreciated for the ability to immobilize an attacker with lightning speed. In addition, they are excellent guards, guides, shepherds and companions.

It is particularly suited for being a Guide Dog to help its blind owner get safely to desired place.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are excellent service dogs and beloved family dogs as well. Golden retriever service dogThey have gentle and kind temperament and are especially great for for children with autism. Well trained dog can intervene physically if the child is harming themselves, and distract children before they have a meltdown. They also can alert a child to sounds they may not be paying attention to.  In addition, they provide both emotional and physical stability for the child.


poodle service dogPoodles are able to detect food allergens by scent. This can be a literal lifesaver for people with life threatening allergies. The poodle is medium sized, curious, friendly, and eager to please their owner.

Poodles have origins as hunting dogs (like Golden Retrievers and Labs that commonly used for service dogs). Poodles are great, but you need to care for the dog’s coat.

Poodle can perform many tasks. He can open handicap doors, pick up dropped items, support a person to a standing position, open and close doors, turn on and off lights, etc. Sometimes owners train their dogs just because they needed something fun to do.


pomeranian service dogThe Pomeranian is small foxy-faced dog, active, and capable of competing in obedience and agility. They are vastly differ from other service dogs, but they have a medical alert dog talent. Pomeranian dog can let you know if you are having an asthma attack, hypoglycemic, diabetic, etc. They are widely used as hearing dogs. People who are deaf can struggle with things similar to a ringing phone or knock at the door. The dog easily let them know when there is a sound they should pay attention to.

Pomeranians are compact, the owner can always carry them, and the dogs are happy to be constantly next to their master. Despite the fact that these are energetic dogs, they do not require a significant amount of physical exercises. Pomeranian can simply run around the house. However, they like to take a walk and even a long walk cannot tire them too much.


collie service dogCollies are highly intelligent, loyal, and friendly. Like the Pomeranians, they are be able to detect seizures in advance are called seizure alert dogs.

This kind and wise dog can also work as a guide, a lifeguard and serve in the police. The long-haired Collie is one of the most beautiful dogs in the family of shepherds. They are surprisingly intelligent and very funny dogs with elegant appearance, luxurious hair and graceful gait.

Saint Bernard Dog

Saint Bernard Service DogThe Saint Bernards is Swiss national dog, they love, need contact with people, and helping them as avalanche rescue, therapy dogs, etc.

Saint Bernards are the great choice choice for animal-assisted therapy due to their good-natured, patient character.

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