I am Ronald Thanderren, creator and author of this site.

In early childhood, I planned to become a surgeon and veterinarian, although I was born in the big city. At school age, these strange ideas were transformed into a desire to breed dogs. And, despite the persuasions of relatives and some difficulties, I still became it.

I created the website to realize my professional skills and desire to help animals and their owners.

The articles on this site are in fact answers to the questions that you, dog owners, ask us. Since my professional interests include evidence-based medicine and clinical research, I attach great importance to the scientific validity of the recommendations. Therefore, some of my advice will differ from common misconceptions, but they are based on modern researches.

My reviews are unbiased, and although I plan to monetize the site, I don’t publish paid articles and do not advertise the product just because I was paid for it.

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